I am a letter maker and designer who has produced graphic lettering, corporate brands, original documents of recognition, fine art commissions and wall installations. I began teaching locally in 1973 and have travelled throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Japan and Australia offering workshops, lectures and demonstrations for institutions and calligraphic guilds.

I am passionate about teaching and the craft of making letters in new and innovative ways using contemporary materials and techniques while respecting traditional letter forms. Interacting and engaging with viewers of the calligraphic process has convinced me that calligraphy is indeed a ‘performance art’.

Designing is truly a joy and a challenge whether for function or aesthetic applications, the letters and their possibilities are part of who I am and I believe the power of ‘the written words as art’ crosses all disciplines.

I am a Minnesota farm girl, one of 9 children. Digging in the dirt is part of my DNA so when there is not a pen or brush in my hand you might find me on the business end of weeding, planting and nurturing growing things in my gardens. My husband is retired photographer Greg Anderson, and we enjoy travel adventures, golf and appreciate spending time with dear friends.

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